Panels, Sheets and Slabs – From pallet to placement

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The methods we adopt for any situation when it comes to moving sheets of materials and panels, window casements and glass panels are vast. Trolley Selector, based in the UK has a range of options available for moving everything from a sheet of plywood to ready-to-install industrial doors and windows.

At the lightweight and cheap end of the range, Trolley Selector has a range of DIY and Panel Trolleys suitable for most situations. Small Panel Trolleys can easily accommodate upto ten sheets of plasterboard or plywood, with the optional addition of a basket which can hold additional sundry items such as tools, fixings and supplies. Large Panel Trolleys are designed to support upto twenty five sheets of material. The advantage of these smaller types of panel trolleys is that they are ideal for the small to medium sized installations where the movement of small quantities of sheet or board are required. For larger installations, multiple journeys with a full trolley may be required or even the use of multiple trolleys to achieve the same result. Each Panel Trolley can be moved with just one operator, however, with the combined weight of  more than ten sheets of material, we would advise having two operators for a more safe load and transportation. The end result is that users are still required to carry out heavy lifting of sheet materials at the beginning and end of each trolley journey.

Taking the human element of lifting out of the installation process requires advanced technology, which in this case comes in the form of a panel robot, specifically designed and manufactured to allow the movement of air proof panelled items. This robot can comfortably lift upto 200kg and with its unique arm and motion, can move items from laying flat on the floor into position with its unique easy to use control panel. The Medium Duty Panel Robot is particularly useful for manouvering sealed window units, steel plates and doors, fire doors and other airproof items. This trolley / robot / lifter is capable of moving over rough terrain external, particularly useful if the items have been delivered on a pallet and the site is still during the construction phase where the majority of infrastructure is not in place that would normally be required for the use of regular equipment. Additional wheels and outriggers can be added to the Medium Duty Panel Robot to provide a more stable platform.

When it comes to the health and safety of your employees during the location of heavy panelled items, this panel robot is the most efficient solution. A good working environment is provided with less damage to materials, your employees get greater satisfaction from a job well done, and they are less prone to sick days due to lack of heavy lifting, and the installation time is reduced drastically. A product well worth looking at!!



Dollies, Skates and Trolleys without handles

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Most trolleys have handles, we like to have something to hold onto to push or pull our trolley with. Wherever you go there are always trolleys with handles, for instance the supermarket or the DIY centre or the home improvement store. It gives us great comfort to hold onto something when we are in control of a trolley. However, there are circumstances when a trolley doesn’t have or doesn’t need to have a handle. These handle-less trolleys are sometimes referred to as Dollies or Skates. This products are unique in their design in that a handle is not normally affixed due to the nature of the items being transported on the dolly or skate. Pianos by the nature of their size would require a handle in a very awkward position to achieve the movement required. So, they dollies used do not have handles. The four wheels on the dolly or skate allow the piano to be moved without touching the floor surface but allow the operators the freedom to move the piano without having worry so much about the falling of it and potential damage occurring. Most large items can be moved easily with a dolly or skate, for example, a safe requires a strong dolly to navigate through corridors and doorways, machinery and white goods can be moved easily with a skate. Filing cabinets tend to be heavy when loaded and the hassle of decanting a cabinet can be removed if corner skates are used. Each corner skate is a triangle in shape with three wheels and a shape which allows the corner of a cabinet, or any other item, to sit neatly. The cabinet can be moved across smooth surfaces with ease without the need for heavy bulkier trolleys and no specific lifting equipment to locate the heavy item onto the trolley. Dollies are particularly useful for plastic stacking trays and containers where these items can easily locate against lugs or upstands on the base of the dolly and allow the trays / containers to stack on top of each other but still be secure. For movement of the dolly stack, the use simply pushes against the uppermost stacked item.

On Trolley Selector, the range of dollies, skates and other similar products can be found at

Trestle and Banquet Table Storage

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NEW Table Trolleys available now. The summer months are coming and bringing with them a whole host of events and parties. The general requirement is for big round tables to seat up to twelve people. At many functions and black tie events,  up to twenty and sometimes more tables are required. With the summer season requiring more tables and more flexibility, the need to store these tables and chairs becomes greater. The trolley selector website is great for buying suitable trolleys with enough capacity for up to 10 tables. These trolleys are available specifically for round banquet tables or rectangular trestle tables. Alternatively, there is a universal table trolley which is designed to accept both round and rectangular trestle and banquet tables. These table trolleys are particular suitable for hotels, restaurants, wedding venues, banquet halls and pubs and clubs. The trolleys are designed for use indoors, but can be provided with larger diameter wheels for use on rougher terrain.

See the range at

Jolly Trolley UK

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In response to a recent search for ‘Jolly Trolley UK’ we are able to offer our range of janitorial and cleaners trolleys. The range encompasses two sizes of trolley and can be fitted with a range of accessories to suit every application.

The range can be viewed in the ‘Janitors and Cleaners Trolleys‘ section of the ‘Trolley Selector‘ website.

Beauty Trolley UK

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In response to a recent search for ‘Beauty Trolley UK’ we are able to offer our range of steel shelf trolleys designed for the medical sector.

The range of steel shelf trolleys are supplied fully welded and comprise of a range of sizes and shelf options. The range may also be customised to suit a clients individual requirements.

The link to this range of steel shelf trolleys is here:

Medical Steel Shelf Trolleys

Bathroom Storage Trolleys

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In response to a recent search for ‘Bathroom Storage Trolleys’ we cannot recommend a product as the required product should really be sought from a specialist.

Trolley Selector offers a wide range of commercial and industrial trucks and trolleys offering businesses a light to medium duty materials handling solution.

Drop Front Storage Trolley

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In response to a recent search for ‘Drop Front Storage Trolley’ the closest standard product is a mesh box truck available with either a half hinged side or a lift off side. This product is available in two lengths; 915mm and 1220mm.

The link for this product is shown below which is available in the ‘Box Platform Trucks’ sub category of ‘Platform Trucks on the Trolley Selector website.

915mm Mesh Box Platform Truck

1220mm Mesh Box Platform Truck

Drawer Trolley

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In response to a recent search for ‘Drawer Trolley’, this is not a standard product for our Trolley website. However, we do offer a range of mobile drawer units to match our workbench range of equipment.

The range of available drawer trolleys may be found on our Workbench Selector website using the following link:

Drawer Trolleys

Airport Trolley Manufacturers

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In response to a recent search for ‘Airport Trolley Manufacturers’, there are many varieties of trolley suitable for use at airports. Firstly there are aiport luggage trolleys for use by passengers in the terminal buildings. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer these products. The following link will guide you to a suitable manufacturer of these products:

Passenger Airport Luggage Trolleys

Other types of trolleys suitable for use at airports include duty free restocking trolleys, stock trolleys, waste trolleys, luggage trailers and many more available. We are able to offer a concise range of trolleys suitable for use at airports and have provided links below to those products mentioned above:

Restocking Trolleys

Stock Trolleys

Waste Trolleys

Luggage Trailers

Full range of Trucks and Trolleys

Wheeled Work Trolley

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In response to a recent search for ‘Wheeled Work Trolley’ we are able to offer steel shelf trolleys as a suitable product.

Below is a link to the suggested products found within the ‘Steel Shelf Trolleys’ section of the Trolley Selector website:

Steel Shelf Trolleys