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Fetch Hot Desking Trolleys

October 12th, 2009

To cater for the increase in open plan office space and around the clock working, the Fetch Trolley is the perfect companion. The Fetch Trolley is your personal mobile office, following you as you move from desk to desk, keeping all your belongings to hand. At the end of the working day or shift, the Fetch trolley has its very own home, The Kennel. Designed to specifically house the Fetch trolleys, The Kennel can be customised with a variety of distinctive colours and designs.

The Fetch trolley has been designed to target emerging trends in hot desk, desk share and non-territorial office configurations. A market lead approach has been taken with the design, not only developing essential functional details, but also applying aesthetic features appropriate for front end, corporate offices.

The Fetch owner is identified on a name badge above the handle, which is mounted onto a small posting slot that allows notes, memos and post to be delivered safely to a locked Fetch trolley. A single lock secures the whole unit, which is opened with a suited key. The Fetch trolley is easily manoeuvrable and glides across the floor on large castors. The normally flush mounted handle, when lifted reveals a taste of the colour that spreads through the interior of the trolley unit. The same hint of colour appears along the two recessed drawer fronts.