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Drop Front Storage Trolley

January 22nd, 2010

In response to a recent search for ‘Drop Front Storage Trolley’ the closest standard product is a mesh box truck available with either a half hinged side or a lift off side. This product is available in two lengths; 915mm and 1220mm.

The link for this product is shown below which is available in the ‘Box Platform Trucks’ sub category of ‘Platform Trucks on the Trolley Selector website.

915mm Mesh Box Platform Truck

1220mm Mesh Box Platform Truck

Panel Trolleys

September 8th, 2009

As the name suggests, panel trolleys are designed for moving panels. Panels can be fence panels, sheets of material or even signage and worktops. Whatever the requirement may be, there is a panel trolley designed for the job.

Panel Trolleys in general are manufactured using a combination of steel frame and plywood deck. Mesh baskets complement some products. Four to six wheels are fitted to provide an even weight distribution on the platform to the floor. Wheels are rubber tyred with steel centres. All swivel castors may be fitted throughout for versatility.

The very basic panel trolley is also known as an ‘A-Frame’ trolley which is designed to carry sheets of material with an operator at each end. As such, the trolley has a long dual end operators handle, a wide non slip shoe for the placement of materials and two rubber tyred wheels. The next trolley up is a variant to the platform truck with tubular sides and no ends. The tubular sides act as operator handles to assist with manoeuvrability. The platform is normally plywood so as not to damage any softwoods or chipboard but to provide a sturdy platform for the movement of the heavier items. Trolleys are also available with move-able sides which allow the user to keep panels upright whilst being moved. Baskets may also be added to certain trolleys to provide additional storage. The largest panel trolley available from trolley selector has the ability to carry larger loads such as worktops which can be as long as 3600mm. This large panel trolley also has a basket for additional items. These trolleys are mainly used in DIY stores where large quantities and multiple products are required to be moved over distances.