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Printer Trolley UK

January 21st, 2010

In response to a search recently for ‘Printer Trolley UK’ we would recommend looking at media trolleys or steel shelf trolleys as suitable alternatives.

These products can be found on the Trolley Selector website by using the following links:

Beer Keg Trolleys Manufacturers

January 21st, 2010

In response to a search recently for ‘Beer Keg Trolleys Manufacturers, we would recommend looking at drum stands and trolleys on the Trolley Selector website.

Use this link to look at the range of products available:

The CRATUS Range of Trolleys

October 26th, 2009

The new CRATUS range of education trolleys from Cube Products & Services Ltd enhances its Trolley-Selector portfolio. The CRATUS range is specifically designed for preparation and staff only areas, maintenance facilities and equipment storage areas. Consisting of Apparatus Trolleys, Table Trolleys, Mat Trolleys and Caretaker Trucks, the core range of trolleys has been designed specifically to meet the current rigorous demands required. Trolleys are available in a range of sizes and capacities designed to meet each individual’s requirement.

Designed to surpass the requirements of the operator and built to last, the CRATUS range will exceed your expectations and provide a durable product, with an expected lifetime of 10 years. All trolleys are available with full after sales care and servicing, and are provided with a certificate of conformity.

The cratus range of trolleys

Click here to view the CRATUS range of Trucks and Trolleys

Fetch Hot Desking Trolleys

October 12th, 2009

To cater for the increase in open plan office space and around the clock working, the Fetch Trolley is the perfect companion. The Fetch Trolley is your personal mobile office, following you as you move from desk to desk, keeping all your belongings to hand. At the end of the working day or shift, the Fetch trolley has its very own home, The Kennel. Designed to specifically house the Fetch trolleys, The Kennel can be customised with a variety of distinctive colours and designs.

The Fetch trolley has been designed to target emerging trends in hot desk, desk share and non-territorial office configurations. A market lead approach has been taken with the design, not only developing essential functional details, but also applying aesthetic features appropriate for front end, corporate offices.

The Fetch owner is identified on a name badge above the handle, which is mounted onto a small posting slot that allows notes, memos and post to be delivered safely to a locked Fetch trolley. A single lock secures the whole unit, which is opened with a suited key. The Fetch trolley is easily manoeuvrable and glides across the floor on large castors. The normally flush mounted handle, when lifted reveals a taste of the colour that spreads through the interior of the trolley unit. The same hint of colour appears along the two recessed drawer fronts.

Tray Trolleys

September 21st, 2009

What does a tray trolley do that a shelf trolley cannot? Well, a tray trolley is more flexible. A tray trolley allows the operator to remove the levels of the trolley so that loading and unloading of the trolley is sped up. The basic design of the tray trolley is flat bed with four vertical posts which are designed to support the upper trays. The trolley frame will normally have a welded tubular handle. These operators handles are normally fitted to one end, but can be fitted to both ends and / or sides depending on the clients requirements.

Tray Trolleys are normally manufactured from mild steel and finished with an epoxy powder paint coat, but can also be finished in stainless steel or plastic. The shelves are usually made from steel but can also be manufactured from plastic. Trays may also be fixed in place to suit clients individual requirements.

Tray Trolleys are generally supplied from 700mm long x 400mm wide to 1000mm long x 500mm wide but these are standard items and encompass a wide range of applications. Non standard products are available depending quantity of requirement.

Tray Trolleys are useful in facilities such as hospitals, medical centres, offices and smaller workshops.

Turntable Trucks

September 16th, 2009

A Turntable Truck is similar to the platform truck in that it has a large flat area on four wheels with a handle allowing you to move large quantities of boxes or loose parts between two locations. In detail, the turntable truck is the first choice for many when it comes to moving larger and heavier items over longer distances and over uneven ground. The sheer diverse nature of the turntable truck means that it can be designed and constructed to suit a wide range of applications.

The basic turntable truck has a steel welded frame with four solid rubber or pneumatic tyred wheels located close to each corner. The rear wheels will be fitted to a solid axle and the front wheels fitted to a turntable steering mechanism allowing for increased manoeuvrability. The platform is usually manufactured from plywood and finished with a lacquer to protect it against any damage from liquids. The basic turntable truck has a handle fitted to the turntable steering mechanism which is connected to the front axle.

The range of turntable trucks increases with various size options. The standard platform starts at 900mm long x 500mm wide and can be as large as 2000mm long x 1000mm wide. There are options for the deck to be fitted with 200mm high plywood or steel sides or for the platform to have a mesh box fitted. The mesh box may then be fitted with lift off sides or half hinged sides to aid loading and unloading.

The standard range of turntable trucks is extensive, but not exhaustive; the sheer variety of applications makes way for the bespoke range of turntable trucks which allows for a whole host of different alternatives.

Panel Trolleys

September 8th, 2009

As the name suggests, panel trolleys are designed for moving panels. Panels can be fence panels, sheets of material or even signage and worktops. Whatever the requirement may be, there is a panel trolley designed for the job.

Panel Trolleys in general are manufactured using a combination of steel frame and plywood deck. Mesh baskets complement some products. Four to six wheels are fitted to provide an even weight distribution on the platform to the floor. Wheels are rubber tyred with steel centres. All swivel castors may be fitted throughout for versatility.

The very basic panel trolley is also known as an ‘A-Frame’ trolley which is designed to carry sheets of material with an operator at each end. As such, the trolley has a long dual end operators handle, a wide non slip shoe for the placement of materials and two rubber tyred wheels. The next trolley up is a variant to the platform truck with tubular sides and no ends. The tubular sides act as operator handles to assist with manoeuvrability. The platform is normally plywood so as not to damage any softwoods or chipboard but to provide a sturdy platform for the movement of the heavier items. Trolleys are also available with move-able sides which allow the user to keep panels upright whilst being moved. Baskets may also be added to certain trolleys to provide additional storage. The largest panel trolley available from trolley selector has the ability to carry larger loads such as worktops which can be as long as 3600mm. This large panel trolley also has a basket for additional items. These trolleys are mainly used in DIY stores where large quantities and multiple products are required to be moved over distances.