Mat Trolley for Schools

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In response to a recent search for ‘Mat Trolleys for Schools’ we are able to recommend either the CRATUS Mat trolleys which is designed to carry smaller slimline mats stored in the vertical on edge position or the CRATUS caretakers truck which can store the mats stacked flat. We would also recommend for large quantities of mats to be stored that you contact our sales team on 0161 485 1885. We are able to offer a low level mat trolley which enables easier loading and unloading of the trolley.

The links to the above mentioned trolleys can be found in the CRATUS Trolleys section of the Trolley Selector website:

CRATUS Mat Trolley

CRATUS Caretakers Truck

Wheeled Corner Trolleys

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In response to a recent search for ‘Wheeled Corner Trolleys’ we are able to offer Rolling Corners are similarly rolling platforms as suitable products.

The links to these products as displayed in the ‘Dollies / Skates’ section of the Trolley Selector website are below:

Rolling Corners

Rolling Platforms

Plastic Book Trolley

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In response to a recent search for ‘Plastic Book Trolley’ we currently do not offer such an item. Alternatives to consider include our range of school book trolleys and our metal range of book trolleys.

The following links will guide to the relevant areas of the Trolley Selector website:

School Book Trolleys

Metal Book Trolleys

Printer Trolley UK

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In response to a search recently for ‘Printer Trolley UK’ we would recommend looking at media trolleys or steel shelf trolleys as suitable alternatives.

These products can be found on the Trolley Selector website by using the following links:

Beer Keg Trolleys Manufacturers

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In response to a search recently for ‘Beer Keg Trolleys Manufacturers, we would recommend looking at drum stands and trolleys on the Trolley Selector website.

Use this link to look at the range of products available:

The CRATUS Range of Trolleys

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The new CRATUS range of education trolleys from Cube Products & Services Ltd enhances its Trolley-Selector portfolio. The CRATUS range is specifically designed for preparation and staff only areas, maintenance facilities and equipment storage areas. Consisting of Apparatus Trolleys, Table Trolleys, Mat Trolleys and Caretaker Trucks, the core range of trolleys has been designed specifically to meet the current rigorous demands required. Trolleys are available in a range of sizes and capacities designed to meet each individual’s requirement.

Designed to surpass the requirements of the operator and built to last, the CRATUS range will exceed your expectations and provide a durable product, with an expected lifetime of 10 years. All trolleys are available with full after sales care and servicing, and are provided with a certificate of conformity.

The cratus range of trolleys

Click here to view the CRATUS range of Trucks and Trolleys

Fetch Hot Desking Trolleys

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To cater for the increase in open plan office space and around the clock working, the Fetch Trolley is the perfect companion. The Fetch Trolley is your personal mobile office, following you as you move from desk to desk, keeping all your belongings to hand. At the end of the working day or shift, the Fetch trolley has its very own home, The Kennel. Designed to specifically house the Fetch trolleys, The Kennel can be customised with a variety of distinctive colours and designs.

The Fetch trolley has been designed to target emerging trends in hot desk, desk share and non-territorial office configurations. A market lead approach has been taken with the design, not only developing essential functional details, but also applying aesthetic features appropriate for front end, corporate offices.

The Fetch owner is identified on a name badge above the handle, which is mounted onto a small posting slot that allows notes, memos and post to be delivered safely to a locked Fetch trolley. A single lock secures the whole unit, which is opened with a suited key. The Fetch trolley is easily manoeuvrable and glides across the floor on large castors. The normally flush mounted handle, when lifted reveals a taste of the colour that spreads through the interior of the trolley unit. The same hint of colour appears along the two recessed drawer fronts.

Plastic Trolleys

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All plastic trolley products are manufactured from high quality medium density food grade polyethylene. Polyethylene offers qualities including; good resistance to most acids, alkalis and chemicals; wide operating temperature range of -20º to +60ºc.; Durable – polyethylene products are very easy to clean and are ideal for washdown applications; Flexible – although polyethylene is flexible, we recommend support frames for large tanks when filled with liquid.

Although food grade polyethylene is used for every plastic trolley that is supplied from Trolley Selector, coloured tanks, bins and trucks may not be suitable for raw food usage. Additionally, some products are fitted with plywood bases so may not be suitable for some food related environments. Where plywood is not suitable we are usually able to fit plastic or galvanised bases.

The utmost care is taken to check dimensions and give the most accurate information possible, however, rotationally moulded products are subject to tolerances so dimensions quoted can only ever be nominal.

We offer a large range of standard colour finishes including red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white, natural, grey and black. We are also able to provide non-standard colours.

The range of plastic trolleys from Trolley Selector can be found at Trolley-Selector

Mailroom Trolleys

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All Mailroom Trolleys are designed for use in the office mailroom environment. Each trolley is ideal for the distribution of stationery, post and other lightweight items. Mailroom Trolleys are a derivative of the shelf trolley with a slight modification. Mailroom trolleys use steel wire mesh to create compartments suitable for the sorting and distribution of mail. The mailroom trolley range consists of two or three basic designs each with a variety of options based on a theme.

The first range uses a standard up and over frame design to support a combination of storage baskets on two levels. These trolleys are similar to our Shelf Trolley range and have four swivel castors and operators handles at both ends. Each corner post is fitted with rotating buffers to provide protection to walls and doors. The second design uses a more upright frame design with the baskets designed so that they can be removed and hook on to the trolley. This second design has larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels to aid manoeuvrability.

Mailroom Trolleys are manufactured from a combination of tubular and wire mesh steel finished with an epoxy powder paint coat. Mailroom Trolleys are generally finished with a red frame and white wire mesh baskets.

A range of complimentary mailroom trolleys is available to suit our standard range of products. We also offer a bespoke range of products available to suit each of our clients individual requirements.

Tray Trolleys

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What does a tray trolley do that a shelf trolley cannot? Well, a tray trolley is more flexible. A tray trolley allows the operator to remove the levels of the trolley so that loading and unloading of the trolley is sped up. The basic design of the tray trolley is flat bed with four vertical posts which are designed to support the upper trays. The trolley frame will normally have a welded tubular handle. These operators handles are normally fitted to one end, but can be fitted to both ends and / or sides depending on the clients requirements.

Tray Trolleys are normally manufactured from mild steel and finished with an epoxy powder paint coat, but can also be finished in stainless steel or plastic. The shelves are usually made from steel but can also be manufactured from plastic. Trays may also be fixed in place to suit clients individual requirements.

Tray Trolleys are generally supplied from 700mm long x 400mm wide to 1000mm long x 500mm wide but these are standard items and encompass a wide range of applications. Non standard products are available depending quantity of requirement.

Tray Trolleys are useful in facilities such as hospitals, medical centres, offices and smaller workshops.