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Bathroom Storage Trolleys

January 26th, 2010

In response to a recent search for ‘Bathroom Storage Trolleys’ we cannot recommend a product as the required product should really be sought from a specialist.

Trolley Selector offers a wide range of commercial and industrial trucks and trolleys offering businesses a light to medium duty materials handling solution.

Turntable Trucks

September 16th, 2009

A Turntable Truck is similar to the platform truck in that it has a large flat area on four wheels with a handle allowing you to move large quantities of boxes or loose parts between two locations. In detail, the turntable truck is the first choice for many when it comes to moving larger and heavier items over longer distances and over uneven ground. The sheer diverse nature of the turntable truck means that it can be designed and constructed to suit a wide range of applications.

The basic turntable truck has a steel welded frame with four solid rubber or pneumatic tyred wheels located close to each corner. The rear wheels will be fitted to a solid axle and the front wheels fitted to a turntable steering mechanism allowing for increased manoeuvrability. The platform is usually manufactured from plywood and finished with a lacquer to protect it against any damage from liquids. The basic turntable truck has a handle fitted to the turntable steering mechanism which is connected to the front axle.

The range of turntable trucks increases with various size options. The standard platform starts at 900mm long x 500mm wide and can be as large as 2000mm long x 1000mm wide. There are options for the deck to be fitted with 200mm high plywood or steel sides or for the platform to have a mesh box fitted. The mesh box may then be fitted with lift off sides or half hinged sides to aid loading and unloading.

The standard range of turntable trucks is extensive, but not exhaustive; the sheer variety of applications makes way for the bespoke range of turntable trucks which allows for a whole host of different alternatives.