Tray Trolleys

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What does a tray trolley do that a shelf trolley cannot? Well, a tray trolley is more flexible. A tray trolley allows the operator to remove the levels of the trolley so that loading and unloading of the trolley is sped up. The basic design of the tray trolley is flat bed with four vertical posts which are designed to support the upper trays. The trolley frame will normally have a welded tubular handle. These operators handles are normally fitted to one end, but can be fitted to both ends and / or sides depending on the clients requirements.

Tray Trolleys are normally manufactured from mild steel and finished with an epoxy powder paint coat, but can also be finished in stainless steel or plastic. The shelves are usually made from steel but can also be manufactured from plastic. Trays may also be fixed in place to suit clients individual requirements.

Tray Trolleys are generally supplied from 700mm long x 400mm wide to 1000mm long x 500mm wide but these are standard items and encompass a wide range of applications. Non standard products are available depending quantity of requirement.

Tray Trolleys are useful in facilities such as hospitals, medical centres, offices and smaller workshops.


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