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Platform Trucks

A Platform Trolley, also know as a platform truck, is effectively a large flat area on four wheels with a handle allowing you to move large quantities of boxes or loose parts between two locations. In detail, the platform truck is the first choice for many when it comes to moving items. The sheer diverse nature of the platform truck means that it can be designed and constructed to suit a wide range of applications.

The basic platform trolley has a steel welded frame with four castor wheels located close to each corner. Two will be fixed with brake mechanisms and two will be of the swivel variety. The platform is usually manufactured from plywood and finished with a lacquer to protect it against any damage from liquids. The basic platform truck has a handle at one end to allow easy manoeuvrability.

The range of platform trucks increases with various size options. The standard platform starts at 600mm long x 400mm wide and can be as large as 1200mm long x 800mm wide. There are options for the single handle to be of a tubular nature, or to have the end in filled with plywood or even steel mesh. Further to this, the platform trolley can have one or more sides giving the change of name from single end platform truck to double end, three sided or four sided also known as a box platform truck.

The standard range of platform trolley is extensive, but not exhaustive; the sheer variety of applications makes way for the bespoke range of platform trucks which allows for a whole host of different alternatives.

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