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Stair Climbing Trucks

A fantastic selection of stair climbing trucks

Our great range of stair climbing sack trucks allows you to manoeuvre heavy commercial items upstairs without having to lift them. Stair climbing sack trucks are essential health and safety pieces of equipment that ensure you don’t have to carry large sacks and, therefore, possibly injure yourself.

We have a wide selection of stair climbing sack trucks, including basic trucks that are moved upstairs manually, to powered stair climbing trucks of both medium and heavy duty varieties. We also have mailroom stair climbers that are specially designed to carry post and parcels up flights of stairs. Plus, we have special folding stair climbing sack trucks that can be folded into compact spaces so that they are easy to store. This large variety ensures that you’ll find the perfect stair climbing sack truck for your needs.

All of our stair climbing sack trucks are competitively priced so check out our great range today.

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