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Turntable Trucks

Turntable trucks are ideal for manoeuvring large and/or heavy commercial materials. They are designed to be able to manoeuvre and turn easily as well as be able to carry large loads. This makes them ideal for a lot of establishments and businesses. Here at Trolley Selector we have a wide range of turntable trolleys to provide you with multiple options when you are looking to purchase one. Our turntable trucks vary from lightweight to extra heavy duty turntable trucks so you can find the truck that is perfect for you and your needs, depending on the weight of the loads you’ll be moving and the environment you’ll be working in. All of our turntable trucks are crafted from tubular mild steel welded framework that is both strong and durable. They also come with moulded rubber operator handles to provide the best grip. Check out our range of great turntable trucks today.

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